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Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc. (BPMI) is a prime contractor for the United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP).

Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc. (BPMI) is a project engineering organization and a Prime Contractor for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP). BPMI provides design, manufacturing, and supply chain management of the fabrication, testing, delivery, installation, and field support of nuclear power plant components installed in submarines and aircraft carriers for the US Navy. In addition, BPMI provides upgraded replacement components in support of refueling and overhaul activities, and aids in the ultimate storage and disposition of spent naval fuel. BPMI also delivers information technology and operational solutions to the Nuclear Navy, enabling them to fulfill their critical mission.

The nuclear components developed and procured by our team of talented engineers, contract professionals, logistics analysts, IT professionals, and other professional services personnel have been used to power huge aircraft carriers and submarines of all types and sizes. Teamwork, cooperation, and the pursuit of excellence have been the driving forces behind the growth and success of BPMI. For more than 60 years, we have been at the forefront of technological and operational innovation for the Navy and the NNPP.

USS John Warner (SSN-785), a Virginia-class submarine of the U.S. Navy

BPMI supports our nation's fleet and Sailors by providing exceptional design, procurement, and technical services. We work with our many partners to deliver and maintain safe, reliable, cost-effective products to ensure the long-term viability of Naval Nuclear Propulsion, a vital part of our national defense.

One Team, One Mission: Setting the Standard for Exceptional Service to the US Navy

Integrity... Being transparent and trustworthy together

Innovation... Being bold, thinking differently, questioning the status quo

Diversity... Valuing each other's gifts, views, and opinions

Excellence... Surpassing your own expectations to be the best you can be

... a vibrant Bechtel company that delivers and maintains propulsion systems for Navy carriers and submarines.
… a premier organization with over 60 years of success teaming with the Naval Reactors Program.
… a place to build a rewarding career with challenging and meaningful work.
… a culture that values people through recognition of accomplishments, work-life balance, and a sense of community.
… a team of high caliber people working in a collaborative environment to support our sailors in defending our freedom.

Proud to be… BPMI.

BPMI's President & General Manager

Barb Staniscia is BPMI's president and GM. Appointed in June of 2021, Barb has 35 years of Program experience, most recently as the Department Manager for BPMI's Instrumentation & Control department. She also has the honor of being the company's first female General Manager. To read more about Barb, click here.

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