BPMI Operations Departments

The operations departments provide functional and technical assistance to all of our employees. Our operations departments include:

Business and Financial Operations (BFO) Department
Administers and controls BPMI's finances and all contracts with the Government. The core functions within BFO are finance, auditing, accounting, and functional development of financial business applications.

Fleet Support and Logistics (FSL) Department
Coordinates BPMI's technical and logistical support for the operating fleet. This includes supplying each ship or site with the applicable components and repair parts, monitoring of field changes, managing inventory, shipping, and operating the Navy's logistics systems.

Systems Integration and Development (SID) Department
Operates and maintains the Navy's logistics computer systems, publishing for fleet component manuals, information technology (IT) services, facility operations, and compliance. This includes technology development and maintenance to advance the Navy's logistics systems, BPMI's business systems, and publication services in support of BPMI's mission.

Human Resources (HR) Department
Directs talent acquisition and talent development activities including diversity initiatives, manages total reward programs, communications programs, and various human resource services for all employees, including employee morale events, community services, and recognition reward programs. This department mission is to contribute to the success of the company by attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse and skilled workforce through expert services and partnership.

Procurement Operations (PO) Department
In conjunction with the Engineering Departments, PO is responsible for project planning and budgeting, project schedules, negotiations, purchase order placements, supplier payments, timely delivery of components to support shipyard schedules, and purchase order administration and close-out. PO also has the primary responsibility for development and management of our supplier base.

Quality and Technology (QT) Department
Provide metallurgical, welding, manufacturing, inspection, and analytical input to equipment departments to achieve cost-effectiveness and functional acceptability goals during the design, fabrication, testing, and operation phases of the component life cycle. This encompasses assisting the equipment departments in evaluating the capabilities of BPMI suppliers who produce the component and then developing and executing quality surveillance activities at the suppliers' facilities.

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