Pittsburgh — What a Place...


Located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, BPMI Pittsburgh is just a short drive from a culturally diverse city brimming with world-renowned academic institutions, hospitals, sports teams, museums, and performing arts.

Rated "#1 Most Livable City" by Places Rated Almanac, the Pittsburgh region offers a competitive cost of living. In fact, it is lower than other major cities like San Francisco and Boston. Additionally, the region is safer than other cities of similar size, such as Atlanta and Phoenix.

Most recently, BusinessWeek magazine named Pittsburgh "One of the Best Cities to Ride Out the Recession". Employment in the Pittsburgh Region continues to grow, despite the national economic slowdown, much of that success is driven by the city's education and health services sectors. Universities including Carnegie Mellon, The University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Robert Morris University, Chatham College and others have helped attract companies like Google and Rand, along with some of the brightest professionals in the field.

...for Business

FORTUNE magazine named Pittsburgh the "Third Best City for Business".

...for Family

Primacy Relocation named Pittsburgh the "Best City to Move a Family".

Reader's Digest magazine ranked Pittsburgh the "Fifth Best City to Raise a Family".

...for Technology

Pittsburgh is "One of the 13 Hottest High-Tech Centers" in the United States.

...for Innovation

Pittsburgh is home to many "firsts", including Heinz ketchup, the Mr. Yuk sticker, Banana Split, Bingo game, radio broadcast, and McDonald's Big Mac.

...for Art

American Style magazine named Pittsburgh the "Best Arts Destination for Mid-sized Cities".

...for Travel

Frommer's named Pittsburgh "One of the Top 13 Travel Destinations in the World".

...for Cleanliness

Forbes magazine ranked Pittsburgh in the "Top 10 (out of 25) of the World's Cleanest Cities".

Additional Information About Pittsburgh

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